Material science and technology
  • ​ Vibram soles

    Vibram is a famous rubber manufacturer in Italy. Vibram is specially designed for sole so as to obtain excellent abrasion resistance, good skid resistance and uniform texture, which have won the recog...

  • 3M Thinsulate

    Thinsulate is 3M registered thermal material trademark, is the concept of lightweight thermal insulation materials, one of the brand, was born in the United States in 1978, designed for the United Sta...

  • YKK zipper

    YKK zipper is the originator of the zipper industry, represents the industry standard, because of the use of Japanese accurate technology, raw materials and management methods, YKK price is about 10 t...

  • SBS zipper

    Zipper in the field of national brands, zippers one of the top ten brands, the world's leading zipper manufacturer --------- Fujian Xun Xing Hing Group. Fujian Xing Group, has nearly 18 years of histo...

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